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2022 E-sports Chair Selection Guide

Suggestion for purchasing E-sports chairs: teach you several things to pay attention to when buying E-sports chairs in terms of materials.
Key point 1: Look at the skeleton, mainly supporting
In fact, the skeleton of the chair is just like the skeleton of our human body, which is the “pillar” supporting our whole body. It can be seen that the skeleton of a chair is very important.
Generally, good brand electric racing chairs, such as Anderster electric racing chair, use an integrated steel frame, which can comprehensively improve the service life and load-bearing capacity of the chair. At the same time, in order to prevent the seat frame from rusting and affecting its service life, the piano baking process will be used to protect the seat frame. In this regard, when choosing an E-sports chair, remember to look at the skeleton material of the chair.
Key point 2: Look at the backrest, with strong wrapping and support
In addition to the ergonomically designed high backrest, the backrest of the electric racing chair should also pay attention to its material.
Good e-sports chair manufacturers, such as Anderst, mainly use new PVC composite materials in the selection of backrest materials. This new PVC material not only combines the tolerance of PVC, but also inherits the feel of PU, which further improves the texture of the product while ensuring the feel. Therefore, when buying an E-sports chair, you can try to sit on this E-sports chair and feel whether the wrapping of the lower backrest can meet your personal needs.
Key point 3: depending on the filler, the high-density shaping sponge is preferred
When it comes to the comfort of a chair, many people think of the cushion as a credit. They think that whether a seat is comfortable or not depends on the padding of the cushion.
Indeed, the electric racing chairs of big brands use high-density shaping sponges on the cushion fillers, which are soft and have high resilience, and can provide a healthy and comfortable sitting feeling; However, some low-end e-sports chairs basically use some low-quality recycled sponges, which are not only extremely poor in comfort and resilience, but also are produced through industrial reproduction, which will have a certain impact on the human body. Therefore, when purchasing electric racing chairs, it is also necessary to see whether the padding of the cushion conforms to the production safety and high-quality shaping sponge.
Key point 4: Look at the air pressure rod, with safety certification and high standards as the priority
The electric racing chair belongs to a kind of pneumatic lifting chair, and the quality of the air bar determines the safety of the electric racing lifting. Poor quality air pressure rod not only does not meet the product requirements, but also causes the danger of explosion of the lift seat.
The qualified air bar meets the production safety requirements and can be lifted and lowered for 300000 times without damage, which is equivalent to five to eight years of normal use. Therefore, qualified air pressure sense is the most important thing in selecting electric racing chairs. This must not be taken lightly. For example, the air bar used in Anderster’s electric racing chair is a high standard four level air bar, which conforms to the international SGS certification.
Key point 5: Look at the five star legs. The aluminum alloy tripod is good
As we all know, feet are the root of a chair. Therefore, the five star legs of the chair can not be ignored when selecting the E-sports chair.
Generally, high-end e-sports chair brands, such as Anderste e-sports chair, are equipped with aluminum alloy tripods in the five-star leg material, with a load bearing of more than 500KG, and a longer service life, which is more guaranteed. Therefore, when buying the electric racing chair, it is recommended that the material of the five-star leg should be aluminum alloy with strong bearing capacity and wear resistance.
Well, the above is the dry goods of the E-auction chair selection guide that I will pack for you today. If you want to unlock more dry goods about the shopping skills of E-sports chairs, remember to pay more attention to our content updates.


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